Here at manor park brides with have worked along side a fabulous qualified seamstress for many years and we have built a fantastic working relationship together. We have found that a comfortable time for alterations to be made to your dress or dresses is about 4 – 6 weeks before your wedding date. This is when a lot of brides start to feel stressed so between us we do our best to help calm the nerves.

Most gowns will require that tweak we talked about at the time of purchase Please note that the costing of any alterations to your bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses are not included in within the price of your gown or gowns. We do have a price list for this work displayed within the shop and dressing areas.

We have found that over the years it is better for us to make Wednesday's our fitting day as there is more room in the store for you while you are in your wedding gown. The dress is fitted to you by the seamstress she will then supply you with a receipt for the costing of your alteration. We will then secure a second fitting at a convenient time to check that all is well and you are comfortable with your fitted dress. A third fitting appointment may then be needed.

Each time that you arrive for your fitting you must remember to bring the shoes and underwear that you are wearing on the day. The first fitting can not be carried out without them as it will affect the fit of your gown. Also at the first fitting we do then ask you if you could maintain your weight as obviously if you go up or down sizes before the big day your dress will need further tweaks at further costs.